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Carefully crafted combining years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience in human resources, career development training, and education with the awareness that we attract everything from the desires of our truest intent and purpose, Delmar offers her signature human resources systems, career training and coaching programs and as a jump start to those serious about seeing results in their business, career and personal brands. Delmar understands the growing pains of entrepreneurs, growing small businesses and women in career and life transition. There are important tools and principles that allow one to attract the results they deserve while protecting your time and investment as you build. 



HR Brain for Hire is a growing division of Delmar Johnson Enterprise that provides hands-on education, resources, support, and strategies for businesses. We're are equipping businesses by educating, creating employee structure, systems and empowering women of all backgrounds and budgets to create and sustain successful organizations. 

Delmar is known as the "Chief HR Brain", and is uniquely qualifies to offer consulting services and training for small to midsize businesses in professional development and leadership training. Delmar's interactive breakout sessions, workshop and group training creates movement to action.  

Each year, Delmar opens up her schedule for a handful of private consulting clients with exceptional promise, drive, and dedication to their personal and professional success. This is a premium service that gives select clients unparalleled access to Delmar's wealth of expertise in result driven business models. 



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