HR Veteran

I remember the day I was asked by one of my high school teachers, what did I want to do for a career; without hesitation, I said clearly Human Resources.  She was so surprised at how confident I sounded about my answer.  Let me tell you a little secret, I was confident in what I said, however, it wasn’t because I really knew what HR was all about, but I knew it dealt with people.  How much do we really know at 17 years old.  

So fast forward all of these years, 20 plus at this point, and I’m still connected to helping people.  Seven plus years ago I decided to bring my HR savvy to the entrepreneurial community in an effort to help small business owners establish the kind of standards the “big boys”, Corporate America that is, build within their walls, without the burden of needing a big budget to get it done. 

With over 20 years of experience working with big corporations, small business owners and new entrepreneurs, the concept of HR Brain for Hire™ was born, as a trusted and resourceful solution for first time employers in need of affordable, efficient, and top notch recruitment, training and HR services. My own personal story, which includes multiple layoffs, life challenges, and my own dive into entrepreneurship, I believe give a perfect mix of formal knowledge and “real life” experience that she pours into each client and their unique needs. Business owner have shared with me that they appreciate my talent and passion for HR because it allows them to fall in love with their business all over again by getting them the right support that they so desperately need while saving them time, money, and headaches. 

Lastly. I share with you that I also have an unconditional passion for women in career transition and enjoy coaching and sharing time and knowledge with organizations, non-profit groups and individuals who simply need a little guidance and a plan in their career job preparedness.