As entrepreneurs and small business owners it is without question that you keep a close eye on your budget and bottom line. Not only are you looking at numbers, but you also see how things can begin to stack up and become overwhelming from being the CEO, to the bookkeeper, to the customer service rep to the admin.  It’s in those time when reality can hit you squarely between the eyes, and point you in the direction that the time is right to get help, but without shooting a whole in your budget. The question then becomes what are your options to acquire the help you need while staying budget conscious?  

Let’s take a look at a few options available.       


Interns are one of the best, most cost effective resources when it comes to an entrepreneur or micro-business that has gain traction in their offering and clients.  When you as the business owner, take the necessary steps to secure the best candidates from a pool of college students eager to learn and get their feet wet, it becomes a win/win situation.  The key here is to setup the Intern for the opportunity to learn and gain value-added experience that they can potentially use as they pursue their education and career goals.


The right Contractor can setup you for a course of success.  The beauty of Contractors is that you can hire them as needed; therefore, your overhead is always controlled by you. As you grow, and your list of clients grow, as well as your level of responsibilities, a good Contractor can be your go to “right hand” to coordinate and plan your events, or be the graphic designer, or the project coordinator. The beauty of technology has made it even easier to access a pool of Contractors with just about every skillset you will ever need to continue building and growing the vision for your business.


Maybe you have a circle of friends, family, or even business colleagues who support you and believe in your vision for starting and growing a business and are willing to roll up their sleeves to serve you. When you have project deadlines, hot leads to follow-up with, current clients to serve, events to plan and the list can go on and on, build a short list of those individuals who you trust and know will pitch in and get the job done.   In turn, also fully communicate to them your expectations and establish a win/win situation for the both of you so that you are able to tap into that pool of resources again as necessary.


Delmar Johnson, as a leader, author, speaker, consultant and coach, I serve from a place of authenticity.  If you are seeking to add value to your next event, retreat, or training, and need a speaker to talk about building a team on a budget, engaging your employees more, personal and professional development, or empowerment, I would love to do that because HR is My Ministry,and I don’t mind showing my human side too.